Engagement Photos

This couple wanted pictures around the city with landmarks and places of cultural interest, as well as contrasting against the grit of urban life.

Photography, Photo Retouching

Live Events

This series consists of various shots from events that Geopolis Theater Company held. The first two are from Flying Solo, which was a wide range of quick, personal and often witty anecdotes about life and individual experiences. The second set is from the play Find Hakamadare! and the final photos were from the play The Man Who Turned Into A Stick. All of the photos were taken while performed in front of an audience.

Photography, Photo Retouching


These photos were all shot for a company that works with greeting cards. Several shots (one shown here), included different gift cards that were retouched into the photo, as those particular cards were not available to me.

Photography, Photo Retouching

Old Timey Dogs

The first of the set was created in memoriam for a friend who had lost her dog. When others saw the first, requests started to come in. The photos of the dogs came from their owners, while the vintage photos were in the public domain and provided by the Library of Congress.

Photo Retouching

The Life of a Mobile Coupon

This short film was created to help explain the process of mobile coupons: how they work and how they can help drive customers in on slow days.

Videography, Storyboarding

Runtime 1:37